Tiffany Rich,

Phone: (480) 620-2222
Website: www.lashandskinco.com
email: contact@3arrowsmentalhealth.com


As a certified Face Reality Skincare specialist, Tiffany’s Acne Boot Camp program involves customizing both treatment plans and homecare to heal and clear all acne types while educating clients on a holistic approach to overall skin health.

Regardless of your skin issues or concerns, your goals are achievable with the right skin expert and coach.

+ clearing acne

+ minimizing appearance of pores

+ reducing fine lines/wrinkles

+ improving texture

+ lightening & brightening damaged skin + evening out skin tone abnormalities

+ repairing scars

+ achieving glowing, radiant skin

Treatments offered to achieve your skin goals include:

+ enzymatic hydration therapies

+ chemical peels

+ wet/dry microdermabrasion

+ dermaplane

+ microneedling

+ extractions (milia included)

+ high frequency

+ microcurrent


+ ion therapy

Customized, therapeutic treatment plans and homecare recommendations are available to all clients who begin their transforming skin healing journey with Lash + Skin Co.

You will feel welcome and relaxed every time you walk into our clinic, and pampered and rejuvenated every time you walk out!

3530 S. VAL VISTA DR #A111 GILBERT, AZ 85297