Understanding Private Medical Suites

Starting or growing your own business is a lot of work!  But navigating to find a location for your business shouldn’t be! Typical commercial leases can pose lengthy terms and large upfront costs. Luckily, America’s Health Suites has developed a solution.  You can now have your own private medical suite for your business with low overhead and no profit-sharing!
Below we look at the differences between a commercial lease and a private medical suite at America’s Health Suites:
Typical Commercial Lease
–       Long-term commitment
–       Maintenance and Repairs
–       Large security deposits and typically 2X months rent upfront
–       Pay your own utilities & HOA fees (if applicable)
–       Building signage
–       Janitorial service & cleaning
–       Decoration and furnishings are your responsibility
America’s Health Suites
–       Short-term minimum agreement (12 months)
–       Modern lobby & décor furnished throughout
–       Utilities included
–       Deposit equal to 1X months rent
–       Janitorial services included
A private medical suite at America’s Health Suites is a great fit for all medical and health care providers.  Whether you are a chiropractor, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, or something else, we have a suite for you!
For tours and availability, please contact America’s Health Suites at 480-331-6679